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The Atlas Survey Technical System is a group of excellent professionals that knows no limit as for as surveying, designing & drafting are concern.

Our great achievements was started in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 10 years age where we are appointed as a survey consultant in the Municipality of Dammam & Rural Affairs.

The group was established in India in order to strengthen and share our sufficient knowledge in technical & practical capabilities and very competent to do the job based on the international Standard & Specifications.

Though the efforts exerted by our group we have agreed to formulate ASTS which has a vision of determining success to attain precise and accurate result of a given task.

GPS: Sokkia 510 (dual frequency, RTK, geodetic, differential, sub-cm accuracy), Garmin 310 (single frequency, non differential, 15m accuracy)

Electronic Total Stations: Geodimeter and Sokkia makes (2", 3" and 5" angular accuracy), with various accessories.